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Reverse Cameras

Why install a Camera?

There are may reasons to choose to have a reverse camera installed, Foremost among them is safety, particularly for children and other pedestrians. 

Being able to see below your vehicles tailgate or boot, or behind a caravan can be a great advantage in ensuring that you can move without any obstacles.

When you get a Reverse Camera installed at Altapac you can be sure that it will be reliable, easy to use and discreet. We have professional fitters that ensure all wiring and electronics are installed correctly and fully tested, So you can have the peace of mind to know that your new camera will work long term.

How it Works

Aftermarket cameras that replace a rear vision mirror are the most popular type of style, as they are typically more discreet and often the easiest to adapt to using.

When installing your camera our team measures out the correct sizing and positioning of the guides to that you will always know where you vehicle will end up.

Some vehicles that had a optional camera from factory can intergrate an aftermarket video input and work exactly as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

Choose your Display style

Where do you want to display you camera’s image?

Call our team at Altapac for specific fitment and availability advice.

Full mirror

Full size Rear vision mirror replacement

The most popular style of camera install, this kit replaces your existing rear vision mirror. 

The screen retains a high level of reflection when off and so it still works as a mirror when driving normally, but also acts as a camera screen when reversing or when you choose to turn it on.

This variety of display is particularly useful for commercial applications, where it isn’t possible to see out of the back due to cargo barriers or other objects as you can set the LCD to always display an image.

  • Supply and fit cost: $995
pnp mirror

Picture in Picture Rear vision mirror Replacement

This is a mirror replacement that has a ‘Picture In Picture’ style display so you can see everything you normally can with a traditional mirror, while also having the image from the camera easily visible to the driver.

A Picture in Picture display is designed be highly functional while reducing cost to the end user and is highly practical for vehicles that have large blind spots below a tailgate or boot.

Ideal for preventing accidental bumps into low walls or running over obstacles like push bikes etc.

  • Supply and fit cost: $745

Secondary LCD installation

A secondary LCD display can be the perfect addition when you have multiple camera inputs or are unable to replace you rear vision mirror due to integrated factory features.

This style of display can be mounted to either the windscreen or dash.

  • Supply and fit cost: $695

Dual Input signals for caravans and trailers

For applications that have 2 inputs, ie. rear of car and rear of trailer. The Full Size Rear Vision Mirror Replacement is capable of taking 2 separate camera inputs and using smart switching to swap the image when the trailer is connected to the tail harness.

Designed with convenience in mind, this option is especially good for is discreet installation, in that it doesn’t require multiple screens or complicated menus.

  • Pricing varies.
factory inter

Factory System intergration

Vehicles that had a from factory optional reverse camera that wasn’t installed often still have the relevant wiring and software to run an aftermarket camera. 

This varies from vehicle to vehicle and is entirely depended on factory inclusions.

  • Pricing varies.

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