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Whispbar Black 1 Bar Roof Rack Kit for Holden Colorado 2dr Ute 12-+ (S8WHalf & K719W)


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The Flush Bar seamlessly blends with your vehicle’s design while providing superior aerodynamic performance, lowest overall drag and quietest ride available.


Get all the utility of a roof rack without sacrificing style. Introducing the Flush bar—a design that seamlessly integrates with your luxury vehicle’s design, creating a sleek yet sporty silhouette. Engineered to exact specifications to provide the lowest drag and reduced noise levels to nearly zero.

  • Available in anodised Silver or powder coated Black finish
  • Black finish combines dual protective e-coating and powder coating to provide long-lasting durability
  • Protective coating has been UV and corrosive salt environment tested to ensure colour fastness
  • Aerodynamic profile reduces noise and decreases drag up to 70%
  • Installs with vehicle specific Whispbar SmartFoot fitting kit
  • T-slot for seamless mounting of Whispbar accessories
  • Whispbar SmartFill technology allows for fast install of accessories
  • PerformaRidge controls laminar airflow over the bar to decrease drag and wind noise
  • Includes Integrated Lock System (ILS)


The beauty of Whispbar isn’t only skin deep. Streamline aerofoil wing-like bar shape, PerformaRidge™ design and our PerformaFill™ technology put a premium on performance. No longer are crossbars a hindrance. The aerodynamics of this design reduces drag and noise to nearly zero. The result is a quiet, fuel-efficient ride that lasts for years and exceeds even the most discerning standards.

Whispbar Bar Aerodynamics


Whispbar SmartFoot is a mounting system that seamlessly attaches to your vehicle like no other. The sleek Whispbar SmartFoot fitting kits serve as the foundation for your rack, and is quick and easy to install.

Whispbar SmartFoot roof rack fitting kits are designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, ensuring a pure and secure fit.

And Whispbar SmartFoot is truly modular — should you decide to set up a rack on another similarly-sized vehicle, just get a new Whispbar SmartFoot roof rack fit kit and transfer — no need to get a whole new rack.

Whispbar Smartfoot Technology

Product Specifics

Load Rating: 35Kg

Number of Bars:  1
Roof Rack Bar Type: 
Roof Rack Bar Model: 
Fitting Kit: 
Track Part Number (if required): 

Bar Colour: 
Vehicle Fitment: 
Holden Colorado Single Cab 2dr Ute | 12 – +
Fitment Type: Permanent Mount
Fitment Comments: Attaches with permanent mount blocks riveted to roof. Bar can be removed. Professional installation advised.

Additional information


Vehicle Variant

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model

Load Rating

Roof Rack Colour

Roof Rack Type

Fitment Style

Permanent Mount

Number of Bars

Whispbar Black 1 Bar Roof Rack Kit for Holden Colorado 2dr Ute 12-+ (S8WHalf & K719W)

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