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Gripsport 4 Bike Carrier Tilting for Caravans, Campers & Trailers

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For over 20 years GripSport has been designing and manufacturing bicycle accessories right here in Australia. GripSport’s innovative range of Caravan and 4WD bike carriers have become an industry-standard amongst Caravaners with an ever-growing cohort of manufactures supplying or recommending GripSport for their Caravans.

The GripSport Van Rack is a rugged, innovative system that will allow you to safely and securely fit your bikes to your Caravan or Camper Trailer. GripSport’s modular kit-based design allows you to tailor your Van Rack for your needs.

With an ever-growing interest in heavy E-Bikes, Gripsport may have the solution for your needs. Able to carry bikes up to 26kg each, GripSport’s Van Rack can handle all but the most outlandish E-Bikes, while still allowing the use of your caravan or trailers front storage and gas bottles.

Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable to position your bikes perfectly.
  • It can be fitted to any caravan “A-frame” using an optional bolt-on mount or a fabricated mounting frame. Contact us for more details.
  • Load and unload your bike in seconds.
  • Carries 4 bikes up to 26kg each.
  • Fits all bikes. Contact us for Details.
  • Perfect for E-bikes.
  • Safe for carbon fiber and lightweight alloy bikes.
  • Bikes held completely secure.
  • Can be swapped to a car in under a minute.
  • All steel construction. Zinc-plated and powder-coated finish.
  • The quickest, simplest, most adjustable and most secure bike holding system of any carrier in the world.
  • Set & Forget bike positioning.
  • 100% Australian designed & made.
  • Guaranteed structurally for life.
  • Weighs 34kg (carrier only – does not incl mount to “A” frame or rear bumper).

Additional information

Main Rack

Rack Only, Rack + Tall Mount, Rack + Short Mount, Rack + Quick-Release Mount, Rack + Towbar Adaptor, Rack + Tall Mount + Towbar Adaptor, Rack + Short Mount + Towbar Adaptor, Rack + Quick-Release Mount + Towbar Adaptor

Carrier Configuration

Standard configuration – Front Wheel Hoops & Rear Wheel Tacos, All Wheel Hoops – No Tacos, Replace 1 Standard Setup with 1 Fat Bike Setup, Replace 2 Standard Setups with 2 Fat Bike Setups, Replace 3 Standard Setups with 3 Fat Bike Setups, Replace 4 Standard Setups with 4 Fat Bike Setups


E-Bike Compatible


Number of Bike Spaces

4 Bikes

Fitting Location

A-Frame, Hitch

Gripsport 4 Bike Carrier Tilting for Caravans, Campers & Trailers

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