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Rhino-Rack offer versatile roof rack kits to suit almost any car on the market. Available in a range of styles, finishes and fitment types, Rhino-Rack have a solution for any carrying requirement.

With thousands of vehicles and even more products designed to specifically fit particular vehicles it is so important to get it right. A Rhino-Rack roof rack that fits perfectly means you can rest easy knowing the gear you carry is safe and sound on the roof of your vehicle

Altapac have been partners with Rhino-Rack since the beginning. We’re one of their largest independent retailers which means you can be confident that you’ll get the right advice and the best price. We back up our promise to you by offering a convenient fitting service supported by a professional and experienced workshop team.

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Platform range

Roof Rack Styles

Vortex, HEavy Duty or Euro

There is a Rhino-Rack solution to fit almost every car for almost every need. Whether you’re looking for Roof Racks for work, leisure, or just the occasional trip to the hardware store, we’re confident we’ll be able to find the right kit for you. 

See the options available for your Rhino-Rack kit below. If you’re unsure what will suit you best, our team are available to guide you through the process of selecting your kit. 

Cross Bar Options

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Vortex Bars

Rhino-Rack’s Vortex roof rack system featuring the VGS strip is the perfect carrying solution for your leisurely activities.

  • Aerodynamic shape for less wind noise
  • Top rubber strip provides grip to prevent gear from sliding around
  • Secure locking end caps
  • Strong and durable for trades and offroad use
  • Suits most load carrying accessories on the market
  • Available in black or silver
  • Available in through or flush bar configuration
Heavy Duty Bar

Heavy Duty Bars

Rhino-Rack’s Heavy Duty roof rack system is the tough and durable carrying solution for your work related gear. Perfect for tradesmen.

  • Designed for frequent heavy duty use
  • Extruded structural aluminium
  • Strong and durable for offroad and commercial use
  • Large range of commercial carrying solutions available like ladder racks and conduit carriers
  • Available in black or silver
  • Available in through bar configuration only

Euro Bar

Rhino-Rack’s Euro roof rack system is the strong and lightweight square bar that is useful as an economic daily carrying solution.

  • Light-weight steel materials
  • Accessories available
  • Does not have an accessory channel
  • Available in black only
  • Available in through bar configuration only

Cross bar Styles

ditch or fixed mounts

through bar

The Rhino-Rack through bar protrudes beyond the leg to give more carrying space. Suitable for all applications and available on all vehicles, the through bar provides flexibility and functionality for work and play. 

  • Great for all vehicles but particularly suited to taller vehicles.
  • Available in black or silver
  • Available with the Vortex, Heavy Duty or Euro bars
  • Available with all fitment types
flush bar

Flush bar

Sleek, stylish and functional, the Flush Bar is designed to compliment the look of your vehicle and match the curve of your roof. The roof rack will curve down into the roof of the vehicle and not protrude beyond the leg.

  • Available with the Vortex bar only
  • Perfect for sedans and hatchbacks
  • Suitable for most consumer and leisure applications
  • Available in black only

Mounting Options For Rhino-Rack Roof Racks

Rhino-Rack have a range of fitting kits and mounting styles to suit most vehicles, from the easy and removable clamp mount to the strong and flexible track. See the options available below and then use our fitment guide to find the solution that best suits your vehicle. 

through bar

Clamp mount

If you’re after a roof rack system that is adaptable, easy to use, strong and light, then the Rhino-Rack clamp-mount style is perfect for you. 

The easy to fit clamp kit is specifically designed to suit the profile of your vehicle and doesn’t require professional fitting. If you did want them fitted the good news is that Altapac will fit clamp mount roof racks purchased from them for free.

  • Easy installation (or free with any roof rack purchase from Altapac)
  • Removable
  • Available with flush or through-bar styles
  • Available with all roof rack bar types
Rail Through Bar

Rail Mount

Rhino-Rack offer 2 styles of rail mount clamps: the very popular SX Bar and the sleek StealthBar

The SX Bar clamps on to your rails and provides a low mounting through bar option perfect for all uses. The StealthBar option sandwiches itself between your roof rails to provide a low, sleek and flush fitment which blends in seamlessly to the vehicle.

  • Lower profile mounting
  • Available with flush or through-bar styles
  • Available with all roof rack bar types
  • StealthBar only sits 35mm higher than the rail
  • Extremely quick fitment (which is free when you purchase your roof racks from Altapac).
Track mount

Track Mount

Track mounting your roof racks is a great option for when you need extra strength or flexibility with your roof rack system. 

The Rhino-Rack Track Mounting solution involves removing the rubber strip that normally runs along the outside of the roofline of most vehicles. Once that has been removed, we carefully and securely install a track where the rubber was and mount the roof racks in to that track.

  • Higher load carrying rating than clamp and rail mount options
  • Professional or experienced install only
  • Available with the Vortex and Heavy Duty bars
  • Available with flush or through-bar styles
  • Allows you to spread the bars out as near or far to each other as the track will allow 
gutter mount

Gutter Mount

The Rhino-Rack RL Gutter Mounting system are specifically designed for vehicles which offer a gutter, like the Toyota Land Cruiser Dual Cab, Nissan GU Patrol and Suzuki Jimny. 

  • Easy installation (or free with any roof rack purchase from Altapac)
  • Removable
  • Available with through-bar styles only.
  • Available with Heavy Duty bars natively or Vortex bars when an adaptor is used.
ditch or fixed mounts

Fixed Mount

Many vehicles on the market now offer fixed points on the roof for roof racks to mount directly into. This offers a secure fitment option without the need to install a track or use a clamp.  

  • Available with flush or through-bar styles
  • Available with the Vortex and Heavy Duty Bars
  • Quick fitment for vehicle with existing fixed mounting points. Fitment is free when you purchase your roof racks from Altapac.
Ditch Mount

Ditch Mount

We can install a fixed mounting point (also known as a ditch) on any vehicle if it doesn’t have other mounting options or if you want to avoid a track or clamp mounting option. The install is a fairly labour intensive process but results in a very strong fitment.   

  • Available with flush or through-bar styles
  • Available with the Vortex and Heavy Duty Bars
  • Available on all vehicles (even those that don’t show a fitment option using the fitment guide)

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