Near invisible paint protection that protects your car against stone chips, scratches, scrapes and other contaminants. Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides an almost invisible physical barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the outside to keep your car’s paint in showroom condition for years.


Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a skin tight, 0.2mm film which adheres virtually invisibly to your Car, Motorcycle or equipment. These protective films can be applied to virtually any surface including boot sills, behind door handles and other high-wear areas. 

We can help you selecting the perfect protection film for your application. Our High Gloss film ensures your vehicle maintains its showroom gleam while transparent Matte films can instantly give you a custom look, all while protecting from stone chips, scratches, droppings & scuffs. 


We care about the quality of everything we install on our customer’s vehicles and PPF is no exception. For the best results, we computer cut all our film using a special templating software. The vast majority of vehicles have templates available but if not, our skilled technicians can custom cut the film to suit the section of your vehicle you want to be wrapped perfectly.

Paint Protection Film is installed by our most experienced technicians and we take no chances when it comes to guaranteeing the quality of the job. We control everything, from the humidity in the workshop to the dust in the air to ensure the best result possible for your car. Every car is a treasured possession and we treat every vehicle the same, regardless of make or model. That’s why we’ve been trusted with everything from Commodores to Ferraris, Suzukis to Bentleys and everything in between


An example of the performance of VentureShield this BMW was fitted with VentureShield. The vehicle then sideswiped a garage wall a 13km/hr. As shown the after removing the film the bumper bar is left unmarked and clean of any adhesive residue.


VentureShield comes in most commonly used 610mm and 1220mm roll width which we use to provide protection for your vehicle. Now thanks to the introduction of a 1470mm (58″) roll width, Altapac are now able to complete installation covering the entire bonnet area on most vehicles. This means that the entire bonnet is protected without concern of seams or lines. The Audi R8 with it’s all in one bonnet and guard section provided a good test for the 1470mm roll width and test the conformability and clarity of the VentureShield product. End result is again perfectly clear



VentureShied is the toughest Paint Protection Film on the market. Combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with high shear and tack adhesive, VentureShield is twice as stone resistant as the leading competitor.

PPF will protect your car for years and remain virtually invisible. It is warranted against imperfections like colour instability and turning yellow in the sun.

Yes, you may and should wash and wax your vehicle as if VentureShield were not present. You should simply take care of the edges of the film when doing so.

Yes, while PPF is UV stable it will allow UV rays to penetrate and therefore affect the fade rate of your paint both under the film and on untreated surfaces equally

Yes, all Paint Protection Films use a patented acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed without leaving residue leaving your car looking as good as the day you bought it.

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