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Paint Protection
Film (PPF)

Near invisible paint protection that protects your car against stone chips, scratches, scrapes and other contaminants. Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides an almost invisible physical barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the outside to keep your car’s paint in showroom condition for years.

What Paint protection film Does?

Altapac’s Paint  Protection Films have been scientifically formulated to maintain the beauty and quality of your vehicle’s exterior for many years, in many different environments, driving and weather conditions. PPF does this by providing a strong physical barrier between your vehicle’s exterior and water, road debris, acid from bird and bat waste, insects, grime and ‘shopping centre rash.’


Some of our Paint Protection Films are even able to protect your vehicle while you are out bush, by withstanding the scrapes and bumps of twigs, sticks and leaves as you push through the great outdoors. 


Paint Protection Film is suitable for most painted surfaces, as well as some plastic, rubber, steel and alloy surfaces like ute canopies and headlight covers.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Long-Lasting Resistance

Our Paint Protection Films are all hydrophobic which repels water and other liquids from your car's surface. This means your car stays cleaner for longer while also lowering the risk of any long-term damage through contamination. Some of our specialty Paint Protection Films like Suntek's Ultra PPF has a specially formulated top layer called HydroResist, which further increases stain resistance and product longevity to better protect your investment.

strength to withstand and repel

Paint Protection Film provides the strongest barrier between your vehicle's surface and rocks, stones, sticks and other debris. With a 5 or 10 year warranty (depending on your film selection), you can be confident that Paint Protection Film installed by Altapac will keep your vehicle looking fresh and flawless longer than other types of paint protection.


Some of our higher-end Paint Protection Films (like Suntek's Ultra and films from STEK) have a self-healing top layer to keep your vehicle looking its best for many years to come. Repairing scratches is effortless; the Paint Protection Film uses heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun to heal.

Maintain the showroom shine... or not

Paint Protection Films are available in gloss, matte, satin, clear, coloured and patterned finishes. You're no longer restricted by your vehicle's finish. Create a unique finish for your vehicle and provide supreme protection at the same time. The outstanding optical clarity of clear films makes the film nearly impossible to detect once installed while a matte, patterned, or coloured film can completely transform the look of your vehicle.

Warranty & Backup

All of our films are backed by leading warranties from their respective suppliers. We provide further peace-of-mind by providing a limited lifetime warranty on our workmanship. The warranties generally cover any premature cracking, bubbling or yellowing caused by defects in manufacture or materials, or during installation during the warranty period. Warranty terms and conditions do apply and available by contacting us.

Panel Perfect INstallation

We've installed paint protection film on an exhaustive list of vehicles. Because of this, we've built an unrivalled collection of templates and know-how to get the perfect finish on every vehicle. The majority of our films are computer-cut to provide the perfect fit. Our template collection is fed by our own templates and template systems from Europe, Asia and the USA. What this means is a perfect fit and finish every time for every vehicle.

Types of ppf

Our large range of Paint Protection Films gives you a wider choice of features, finishes and prices. You’ll be able to offer your vehicle the protection you need with the look you desire at a price that delivers real value.

PPF on mercedes

Suntek Generation one

Warranty: 5 Years

Key Features

  • Excellent optical clarity makes the film almost invisible
  • Stain resistance and hydrophobic

Why: Our most affordable paint protection film offering a physical barrier between your paint and contaminants without breaking the bank.

PPF on ferrari

Suntek Ultra clear

Warranty: 10 Years

Key Features

  • HydroResist  for exceptional stain and contaminant resistance.
  • Self-healing superficial layer

Why: Suntek’s Ultra Clear is our most popular Paint Protection Film. The high level of protection offered by this premium film is paired with a great price meaning this is one of the best value PPF options available. 

matte PPF

Suntek Ultra Matte

Warranty: 10 Years

Key Features

  • HydroResist  for exceptional stain and contaminant resistance
  • Self-healing superficial layer
  • Matte film takes your vehicle from gloss to matte without changing the colour

Why: Stand out from the crowd. Matte PPF is a great way to change the look of your vehicle without the cost associated with a matte paint job or ordering matte from factory.

Stek Dynoprism glitter finish

Warranty: 7 Years

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic & stain resistant
  • Self-healing top layer
  • Unique glitter finish

Why: An advanced paint protection film with a unique and attractive glitter finish. 

Stek Dynoblack gloss

Warranty: 7 Years

Key Features

  • Gloss black PPF for colour-change with added paint protection.
  • Self-healing superficial layer helps to maintains the high-gloss shine. 

Why: The crystal-clear gloss finish of DYNOblack-gloss transforms any colour into a lustrous black, resulting in an unmistakable shine.

PPF STEK on a Navara

stek dynoblack matte

Warranty: 7 Years

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic and stain-resistant.
  • Self-healing top layer. 
  • Unique matte black finish can transform any vehicle.

Why: With Stek’s DYNOblack-matte you can transform any vehicle into a sleek matte black with the added benefit of paint protection.


Stek Dynocarbon

Warranty: 7 Years

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic & stain resistant
  • Self-healing top layer
  • Unique Carbon Fibre pattern finish.

Why: A hydrophobic, self-healing paint protection film with a carbon-fiber pattern.


Suntek Ultra Defense

Warranty: 10 Years

Key Features

  • The strongest and thickest PPF in Suntek’s range.

Why: Suntek’s Ultra Defense is perfect for work vehicles that regularly operate in volatile environments where the potential for damage is high.

Paint Protection Film Packages

You can protect as much or as little of your car as you want to with Paint Protection Film. We’ve created the following packages to offer protection to most susceptible areas on your car. Our packages cover most vehicles but we always suggest getting in touch with us to get a firm quote as variations in the cost can occur.

PPF Package 1

Bonnet Lip Protection Package

Practically invisible front protection which negates the need for unsightly and difficult-to-clean bonnet protectors. 

Areas Protected

  • Bonnet Lip
  • Front Guard Tips
  • Front of Side Mirrors


  • Suntek PPF Gen-1 = $395
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Clear = $495
PPF Package 2

Standard Front Protection Package

Extra protection for the areas of the vehicle most commonly impacted by debris and contaminants. Provides a practically invisible alternative to a ‘CarBra’-style product.

Areas Protected

  • Leading Front Edge of Bonnet
  • Front Guard Tips
  • Front Bumper
  • Head Lights
  • Front of Side Mirrors


  • Suntek PPF Gen-1 = $995
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Clear = $1,295
PPF Package 3

Full Front Protection Package

Complete front protection for your vehicle. Protects against rock and stone damage on the areas most affected by them.

Areas Protected

  • Full Bonnet
  • Full Front Guards
  • Front Bumper
  • Head Lights
  • Front of Side Mirrors


  • Suntek PPF Gen-1 = $1,745
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Clear = $2,195
PPF Wear & Tear

Paint Protection Wear-N-tear package

Add protection to areas that are less likely to succumb to road damage but are likely to be damage during the regular use of your vehicle.

Areas Protected

  • Door Edges
  • Door Cups
  • Boot Ledge (Lip)


  • Suntek PPF Gen-1 = $245
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Clear = $285
  • With the purchase of any other PPF package = $145
Paint Protection Film Application

Full Car Paint Protection Film

It isn’t that common to completely wrap a car in Paint Protection Film from head to toe simply because there are areas of the car (like the roof) that are unlikely to receive the type of damage that PPF is designed to protect against.


Because PPF will protect against bat and bird droppings, acid, dust and grime, road debris, rocks, stones, sticks and some sun damage, some clients choose to have their entire car protected. 


Prices vary greatly due to differences in the sizes of the car and the complexity of the vehicle, but the below is a good guide on how much a full PPF wrap might cost.


  • Suntek PPF Gen-1 = $4,500 – $6,000
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Clear = $5,000 – $6,500
  • Suntek PPF Ultra Matte = $5,500 – $7,250
  • STEK DYNOblack Gloss = $6,250 – $8,000
  • STEK DYNOblack Matte = $6,250 – $8,000

OUR PPF brands

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